Can my students access Epic over the summer?

Yes, if summer school is in session, they can use Epic School for free using your class code when school is in session, from 7am to 4pm local time Monday-Friday.  In addition, if your families have already signed up for Epic Free, they'll be able to sign in to Epic Free using a parent email and password here. They'll have 2 hours of free weekly access to a limited selection of books. New parents can sign up by following the prompt they see on their child's Epic School account after 4pm Monday-Friday. See instructions below:

How can students and families access Epic Free when school is not in session?

If a student logs in using their class code after 4pm local time, students will see the message below, which asks them to "Ask a Grownup for Help". Once a parent or grownup is available, they can click on "Continue".


After clicking on "Continue", parents will have to enter their email address in the screen below.


That's it! Now the student has access to Epic Free.





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