Are there quizzes available for each book?

When you select a book, if there is a quiz already available for the book, the "Quiz" icon will show on the top left of the menu bar when you are on the web or on the bottom left on an iOS device (quizzes for the Android app coming soon). To find multiple books with quizzes available for a particular topic, please use the "search" function:

  • Click on "Search"
  • Enter keywords, author, etc. and search
  • Select "Quizzes" below the search bar and this will list all the books that have a quiz available for that keyword

Also, in addition to quizzes at the end of books, educational quizzes and trivia from publishing partners such as National Geographic and Encyclopedia Britannica are available in the browser section. The engaging quiz experience is designed to challenge kids and adults while allowing them to gain confidence by displaying their knowledge of subjects that interest them. You can browse and search for quizzes in a large variety of subjects, just like the books, audiobooks, and educational videos already offered on Epic

Note: Currently this feature is only available on the iOS and website version of Epic, but is coming soon for the Android app.

Don't see the new quizzes on the browser screen? Are you using the most recent version of the Epic app? To confirm this, go to your Apple App Store


Please note only student profiles, child profiles, and parent profiles can view quizzes available for books.

Educators are not able to view quizzes from the teacher profile, instead, we recommend switching to the guest profile or creating a student profile that the educator can use to view available quizzes on books.

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