How to turn off the Community Epic!'s or Notifications

When you log into your teacher or parent profile click on the menu option "Settings" and from there you can enable or disable both functions for your account.

  • Log into your Epic! account on your iPad
  • Select your parent or teacher profile from the profile selector screen and enter your password
  • When you are in the Browse screen, please select gear icon located at the bottom left of the screen, this will bring you to your account settings
  • Scroll down to "Community" (or "Notification") and tap on the toggle to the right
  • Confirm your request by selecting "Disable"

Also, you are able to turn off Notifications feature (using the same directions as above) however this needs to be turned off on each device, but Community feature can be turned off once and it applies to your account on all devices.

Currently, the Community feature cannot be turned off on the website version of Epic!.



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