Can I use Google Classroom to create my student profiles?

Using Google Classroom is an easy way for teachers to create student profiles on Epic. Here's how:

  1. Log into your Epic for Educators account
  2. Enter your teacher dashboard by clicking or tapping on your teacher avatar
  3. Click on the "Import Google Classroom" button at the top of your dashboard  
  4. Select or add your Google Classroom account 
  5. Log into your Google Classroom account
    (Please note you must be logged into your Google account on that browser for the import tool to locate your  Google account)
  6. Once you are logged into your Google account, select "Allow" (this will give Epic permission to use your classroom roster to create student profiles in Epic)
  7. Select the course you would like to import
  8. Select which student profiles you would like to import by checking the box next to the student's name
  9. Click on "Import" button
  10. Student profiles from Google classroom will now be imported/added to your Epic teacher dashboard

Please note only student names will be imported. If you wish to assign a PIN to the profiles, you will still need to do that manually by editing the profiles one at a time. 

Note: Currently the import Google Classroom feature is not available on our Android app. If your school uses Android devices, you can create your student profiles by using 'Create a profile' feature on the Educator dashboard rather than importing them or you can use Web/iOS devices to import students. (You can still see these imported profiles on your educator dashboard when you use Android devices.)

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