I'm an educator, can I make my own quizzes?

If you have an educator account, you can now make your own quizzes for the books on Epic! from your teacher profile. 

How to create a quiz:
1. Log into your educator account
2. Switch to the teacher profile (you will need to enter your account password to access the teacher profile)
3. Open a book or video that you want to make a quiz for and click on the Create Quiz button 


web: you can find the create quiz button when you move your mouse cursor to the top of the book to make the navigation menu drop down

iOS devices:
you can find the create quiz button when a book is in "mini-view"

4. Create your questions and answers (you can choose to share it with the Epic! community, but please note a quiz needs at least 3 questions to be shared with the Epic! community)

5. Publish the Quiz

How do my students take the quiz?
If you have made a quiz for any book, then your students (any profile within the account which created the quiz) will always see the quiz you created for that book. Your students can take your quiz by doing the following steps:

1. Open the book that has the quiz (you can assign the books with quizzes or put them in a separate collection called Quizzes).
2. The student then clicks the 'Quiz' icon (the icon with question marks in it)

3. Then your quiz will open and the student can take the quiz


Note: Currently this feature is only available on the website and iOS version of Epic!, and it's coming soon for Android. 


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