How do I create a collection to assign to my students?

On Epic, educators can create collections surrounding specific topics and assign them to their students! Student profiles can view these Assignments from the Mailbox within their account. Further, educators can track their children's reading activity and progress for the specific reading assignment. 

  1. Click the book you would like to add to your collection
  2. Hover your cursor anywhere on the screen over the open book
  3. At the top-left of the book, click the double folder with the plus sign ‘+’ icon
  4. A new window will open up asking if you would like to "Create a New collection" (or you can add a book to an existing collection by check-marking the box to the left of the desired collection name to add it to and click the "Add" button at the bottom)
  5. Add a title and description (optional) for your new collection

(Your students will see the description of your collection, and many users use this area to add assignment instructions associated with the collection)

  1. Share the collection with the Epic community (if you only want your class to see the collection, please uncheck the option to "Share with Epic Community")
  2. Click "Create"

Click here for information on how to assign collections to students. 

To learn more about collections on Epic, click here

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