Can I read books offline?

You can read offline books without an internet connection from within the mobile app. You may download an unlimited number of books to read offline at any time (downloadable content may be limited by the storage space available on your device). An internet connection is required while downloading books to your device. Only the first 25 books you've saved offline will display in your "Offline" shelf. When you delete a visible offline title from the shelf, the next available saved book will appear in its place.

How to save a book for offline reading:
1. Select the profile you would like to use for offline reading.
2. Open the book which you would like to save for offline reading.
3. Tap the button which looks like 3 dots at the top left-hand corner of the book.
4. Flip the switch titled "Save for Offline" in the next menu in order to download the book.

Where to find your offline books:
1. After selecting the user profile, select "My Library" in the bottom navigation.
2. At the top, select "Offline" under My Library
3. Books you have saved for offline reading are displayed under the "Offline" section of your library.

How to remove a book from your "Offline" section:
1. Open the book from the Browse tab or from your Offline section of the My Library tab.
2. Tap the button which looks like 3 dots at the top left-hand corner of the book. 

3. Toggle off the "Read Offline" switch and the book will be removed from your Offline shelf.
(The book will show in your "recently read" list until it is dropped to make room for newer additions to the list).  

Offline books count toward your "total number of books read". Be sure to mark offline books as "finished" when you have completed them so that they are counted in your total. The "total number of books read" on your account dashboard will update to include books read offline once you are back online. 

The "Read Offline" feature is available for most titles in the Epic library, but is not available for purple-tagged Audiobooks or educational videos. The offline reading feature is available in the iOS and Android apps. 


Note: Your device must be signed in to your Epic account before you can access your offline library. Internet connection is required to sign in to your Epic account.

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