Does Epic! have Audiobooks and Read-to-Me books?

There are two different types of audio-enabled books available on Epic!, pure Audiobooks and Read-to-Me books. For either type of book, please open a book with audio and click on the green "play" button (on the web, the green play button is located on the top navigation bar for "Read to Me" books). 

In order to filter results for suggested titles on your Explore page, navigate to the 'Explore' tab within your account and tap either the 'Read to Me' or 'Audiobooks' subheadings.

Audiobooks (Purple-tagged): Audiobooks are indicated by a purple tag on the bottom right-hand side of the book that says 'Audiobook'. These books are pure audio without a visual book with pages to follow along with, perfect for bedtime stories, language learning, and much more! Many of these Audiobooks also feature music and songs! 


Purple-tagged Audiobooks are not available for offline reading and do not count towards the total number of books finished for badges and achievements. However, because we want to celebrate all accomplishments, Audiobooks count towards the number of hours read on Epic!. 

Read-to-Me books (Green-tagged): "Read To Me" books will have a green audio icon in the bottom-right corner. They have a visual book for kiddos to read along with and look at the pictures while they listen to the audio. The pages turn automatically as the audio plays.

Green-tagged Read-to-Me books can be downloaded to read offline and do count towards the total number of books finished for badges and achievements!

Read-to-Me books offer follow-along word highlighting to help kids improve their reading skills on Epic!. The Word Highlighting feature is located on the first page of any Read-to-Me book and is available in two modes, Magnify and Underline. 


Note: At this time there is not a feature available to adjust the Read-to-Me or Audiobook speed

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