I am a teacher, but I signed up for a subscription before I knew Epic! was free for Educators. Can I still sign up for a Educator account?

Sure thing! Follow these steps to free up your school email address to create a free "Epic! for Educators" account:

STEP 1. To free up your school email address, please change the email of your existing account. Here's how: In the Epic! app, switch to the parent profile. Then tap on the settings icon (this is the gear icon), tap on the "Manage" button (you will need to enter your birth year to confirm you are an adult) and then select "Change Email".

STEP 2. Pease visit www.getepic.com/educators to sign up for your free Educator account using your school email address. 

Should you decide to cancel your standard Epic! subscription, here's how: How can I cancel my Epic! membership?

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