How can I receive updates about my child's reading progress?

Our emails are designed to keep you informed of your child’s progress (books they've opened, read, and finished, along with their Epic! level), recommend books for you and inform you about special offers. To modify your email preferences, please visit (or by simply clicking "Update Email Preferences" at the bottom of any email from Epic!). 

In addition to our emails, you can click on your child's activity log at any time to see what your child has read recently (book titles, how many pages read and reading time). 

Here's how to save or download your child's reading log:

  1. First you will need to switch to the parent profile (enter your account password again)
  2. Click your parent avatar to access your parent dashboard
  3. Click on "Profile Options" link under the student name
  4. Click "Save Reading Log" or "View Reading Log"


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