In what languages are books on Epic! available?

Epic! offers books in English, Spanish, Chinese and French!

In addition to its 25,000 titles in English, Epic! now carries over 500 Spanish and bilingual Spanish/English books, hundreds of Chinese and bilingual Chinese/English books and over 500 French books in its library. All books are immediately available for Epic!’s subscribers. 
Here's how to locate books in different languages:
1. Select the "Browse" icon 
2. Click on the drop down menu
3. Select the language of your choice
Also, you can set your profile preferences to see more recommended Spanish or Chinese books on your browse screen by selecting "Spanish" or "Chinese" from your preference menu (option for French books coming soon). 

Our mission is to inspire a love of reading in children everywhere, so please stay tuned for information about even more book languages in the future!

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