Does Epic! have the Accelerated Reader or Lexile level available for books?

Epic! does have Accelerated Reader and Lexile books and you can search by Lexile or AR level using the advanced search feature. If you are searching for titles using the search function, it will also show the Accelerated Reader level or Lexile level on the search page.

  • Under the search box, click the link for Advanced search. In the first drop down menu, select either Lexile or Accelerated Reader under "filter by"
  • In the second drop down menu, you can select the level to search for
  • In the third drop down menu, you can also select fiction or non-fiction

Also, you can locate the reading level on the first page of a book (when it is tapped on), it will show the Accelerated Reader level or Lexile level (if that book has those levels). Please note not all books on Epic! have this feature.

Epic! does not have the Accelerated Reader quizzes on our website, but any book on Epic! that has an AR number, should also have a corresponding quiz on the Accelerated Reader website.

Note: the advanced search feature is only available on the iOS app and the website.


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