The Epic! app or website isn’t working at my school.

Here are some troubleshooting tips you can try that usually solve most problems:

  • Confirm you have the most recent version of your device's operating system (iOS or Android)

  • Are you using the most recent version of the Epic! app? To confirm this, go to your app store to see if there is a newer version, and if so, update it.

  • If you are using a web browser, the Epic! site is most compatible with Firefox or Chrome (Internet Explorer does not support all the Epic!'s website features).

  • Check your connectivity - items may not load properly due to a bad internet connection. As a test, try connecting to Epic! through another internet connection, for example a wifi hotspot.

  • There may be a firewall blocking connections to our service. This is sometimes a case with some school and academic networks that block access to outside resources for security reasons.

    Please check your firewall settings to make sure that access to our domain - - and all its sub-domains are allowed on your network. Please see the list of the domains and sub-domains below:


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