How to add profiles for my students within my educator account?

Once you add your students' names on the Roster tab within your Epic for Educators account, your students can then enter their classroom code and simply click their name in order to get started reading! You can create up to 1000 individual student profiles within your educator account.

To create a student profile on the website version of Epic:

  1. Log into your Epic educator account
  2. Click on the 'Roster' tab
  3. Select ‘Add Student’ at the top
  4. Fill in the applicable fields
  5. Click the green 'Add Student’ button

To create a student profile on the mobile app version of Epic (iOS or Android):

  1. Log into your Epic educator account
  2. Go to your teacher dashboard by clicking on your teacher avatar and entering your account password.
  3. Select your Educator avatar on the bottom navigation bar
  4. Tap the blue ‘+ Add Student’ button
  5. Fill in the fields (PIN code and parent email are optional)
  6. Tap the green Add Student' button

To create profiles by importing them through Google Classroom: Import student profiles from Google Classroom.

To edit the age and reading interests of a child profile from the web, you will switch to that child's profile, click the ‘Explore’ tab, and then click ‘Preferences’. From the mobile app, switch to the child’s profile and select their avatar in the navigation bar, access their profile, and click ‘My Preferences’.

For more information on student profiles, please check out our FAQ: Devices and Profiles.


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