I’m a homeschooler. What type of membership is available for homeschoolers?

Does Epic have a version for Homeschoolers?
Yes! We have an Epic for Homeschoolers. Click here to sign up! 

Who is eligible for the homeschool version?
Currently, Epic for Homeschoolers version is available to certified Homeschools in the United States and Canada.

What does the Homeschool version cost?
You can sign up for a new Homeschool account and receive a 30-day free trial when you sign up for the monthly subscription. Click here to sign up! 

Do I have to prove I am a certified Homeschool? 
By creating an account, you agree to Epic's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Also, we ask that you confirm that you are a certified homeschool educator and can provide proof of occupation.

Does the Homeschool version have the same books as the educator version?
The Homeschool book list is currently the same as the Home version book list, but our libraries are fluid and ever-changing, and these two libraries may or may not diverge somewhat in the future. The Homeschool version of Epic currently has more books than the free educator version.

How many student profiles can I make in the Homeschool version?
You can create up to 4 separate child profiles for personalized reading experiences under one single membership.


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