Read-to-Me books now offer Follow-Along Word Highlighting!

We’re excited to announce that all of our Read-to-Me books now offer Follow-Along Word Highlighting to help kids improve their reading skills on Epic!. The Word Highlighting feature is located on the first page of any Read-to-Me book and is available in two modes, Magnify and Underline. 


  • Select Magnify to enable early readers to focus on the word as it is being spoken and strengthen the association between visual words and audio pronunciation.

  • Choose Underline to establish a rhythm and pace to help children fluently move from word to word without tracking difficulties.

We’ve also partnered with Merriam-Webster to integrate their entire Children’s Dictionary with Epic!. Now you can tap on any word in any book to see a comprehensive definition and hear spoken pronunciation of each word.


To turn off the Word Highlighting feature, select the "Off" option from any Read-to-Me book. 


Note: This feature is only available on the Web and the most recent version of your iOS and Android app. To update to the most recent version of the app, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

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