Are there quizzes available for each book?

There are two types of quizzes available on Epic! - quizzes at the end of books to practice reading comprehension and topic-specific quizzes designed to help learners test their knowledge on particular topics! 
Quizzes with books:

Here’s how to find multiple books with quizzes using the ‘Search’ function.

  1. Click on the Search bar located on the top of any Epic! screen within your account. Search by keyword, author, title or subject.
  2. Once a keyword has been entered, click ‘Advanced Search’ to refine your results by reading level, age, or genre!
  3. Select any book from the ‘Quizzes’ subheading below the Search bar for a list of all the books that have a quiz available 

Please note only student profiles, child profiles, and parent profiles can view quizzes available for books.

Educators are not able to view quizzes from the teacher profile, instead, we recommend switching to the guest profile or creating a student profile that the educator can use to view available quizzes on books.

For Educators, click here to read more about quizzes. 

Independent quizzes on specific topics:

In order to narrow results for "just for practice" quizzes on educational topics from your Explore page, navigate to the 'Explore' tab within your account and tap the 'Quizzes' subheading. There, you will see quizzes on many topics designed to challenge learners while allowing them to gain confidence by displaying their knowledge of subjects that interest them.



Note: Currently this feature is only available on the iOS and website version of Epic!, but is coming soon for the Android app.




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