Can I share a collection I created with another teacher?

Let's say you made a collection for your class, and you want to share it with the other teachers at your school (they would like to copy the collection and assign it to their students too). There are 4 ways to share a collection:

  • Share with an Epic! Teacher
  • Share via Email
  • Pin to Pinterest
  • Copy Collection Link

How to share a collection:
1. Switch to the teacher or parent profile
2. Click the heart icon "My Library" in the upper navigation bar
3. Click "Collections"
4. Click on the title of a collection to open the collection
5. Click on "Share" and select how you would like to share the collection

Note: Your collection must be shared as public for the other teacher to view it.

Currently this feature is only available on the iOS and website version of Epic!, but is coming soon for the Android app.

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