My classroom code isn't working. What can I do?

What is a classroom code?
Signing into Epic with a classroom code is how students can access Epic School during school hours from 7am-4pm local time Monday through Friday or Epic Free for after-school hours, after 4pm. To use Epic at home, students should be using the home membership version (Epic Unlimited) of Epic. This is due to our Terms of Service and our contracts with publishers.

How can I find my classroom code?
When you log into Epic on the web or from your mobile device, you can find your classroom code on the Dashboard tab. Your classroom code is an auto-generated 7-character alphanumeric password that is completely unique to you and your students!

If you are experiencing issues signing-in with your classroom code during the weekday between 7am-4pm your local time, please see the following:

  1. Confirm your classroom code from your Dashboard tab
  2. Uninstall and reinstall the Epic app from your tablet OR clear your browser's cache/cookies if you're using the website. 

Classroom code expired?
If you are seeing that your classroom code is expired, please double check your current code on the Dashboard tab. If it's different from what you are trying to use, your class may have been archived by mistake which generated a new classroom code. You can unarchive your class to restore your previous classroom code by doing the following:

  1. Go to your Class Roster
  2. Click the Class Roster dropdown and select your archived class: Classroom_Code_Article_1.png               Classroom_Code_Article_2.png
  3. Once you have selected your archived class, click on 'Unarchive Class': Classroom_Code_Article_3_Edited.png
  4. A pop up window will ask for confirmation of unarchiving the selected class: Classroom_Code_Article_4.png

Are you being asked for a parent login?
If your child or student is being asked for a parent login after entering the classroom code during school hours (7am-4pm Monday-Friday), this most likely indicates the clock or region of the device is set incorrectly. Please try updating those settings on the device and then restart the device before logging in again.

If this is happening outside of school hours, a parent login will be required. 







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