How to Transfer Student Profiles

By transferring a student profile you are sending a request to the new teacher to add this profile (and all the profile history) to their classroom. This will remove the profile from your classroom and transfer all management rights to the new teacher.

Here's how to transfer a student profile:

  1. Log into your Epic! educator account
  2. Go to your teacher dashboard by clicking on your teacher avatar and entering your account password
  3. Click on the 'Profile Options' link below the student profile name
  4. Click "Transfer Profile" (or "Remove from Class" if the student is connected to a home account)
  5. Enter in the email address for the student's new teacher and 'Submit'

For information on how to accept the student profile transfer request, please visit: How to Accept a Student Profile Transfer Request​​

Note: The Transfer Profile feature is not available for Android devices. 


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