How do my students log into my educator account?

Reading with Epic! is easy to do and any number of devices can be logged into the same educator account simultaneously! Here's how students log into your educator account:

1. Have your students go to or use the Epic! app on their iOS device
2. Students select "Student Sign In"
3. Students enter their classroom code*
4. Students select their profile

For Android devices, enter Epic! with your educator log in and password, and then students can select their student profile once they enter Epic! through your account Once you log into your account on each device the first time, and after that, any time a student opens the Epic! app on that device, it will be already logged in. (if a student attempts to click on the teacher profile, the site will ask for the teacher password again).

Note: This feature is only available on the Web and the most recent version of your iOS app. To update to the most recent version of the app, visit the Apple App Store.

*To find your code, go to: Where can I find my classroom code?

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