How do I change a student's profile name or PIN?

Keep your student profiles secure by assigning PINs from your Roster tab. That way, your students will enter their unique PIN number when they select their profile from the Student Login screen from the Epic app or website

How to add and edit a PIN to a student profile:

  1. Log in to your Educator account > Switch to the Educator profile
  2. Click on the 'Roster' tab
  3. Locate the student name > On the far-right of the same row, click the pencil/pen icon near the PIN subheading
  4. Enter a unique 4-digit number in the PIN box. Use only numerals as letters or other characters will not be accepted.
  5. Click ‘Save’!

*If a student's family enables Home Access using an existing student profile in your Epic classroom, the profile's ownership is automatically transferred to the home account. If you wish to create or edit a PIN on a student profile owned by a home account, we recommend that you contact the student's family and request that they create or edit the PIN on the profile from their home account and then let you know the PIN they've created.

Here are the instructions you can provide to a student's parents about how to create/edit a PIN on a child's profile: How do I change my child's profile name or PIN?

*Please note PINs may not be editable if imported with Google Classroom or, if the student profile is connected to an active home account.

For more information on student profiles, please check out our FAQ: Devices and Profiles


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